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Job History

ID User Label Start End Status
32TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 4/5 12:13a First Mod2019-04-05 06:14:382019-04-05 06:16:01Done
31TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 4/4 11:03p Most Maint Pipenet2019-04-05 05:05:272019-04-05 05:07:41Done
30TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 4/4 11:03p Most Maint2019-04-05 05:05:012019-04-05 05:06:22Done
29TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 4/4 9:33p Pre-Maint Fill2019-04-05 03:34:272019-04-05 03:37:35Done
28TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 4/3 07:302019-04-03 13:30:582019-04-03 20:54:06Done
27TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 4/3 1:52a2019-04-03 07:52:582019-04-03 20:53:01Done
26TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 4/2 3:57a2019-04-02 09:57:362019-04-03 20:51:56Done
25TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 3/31 2:18p2019-03-31 20:18:442019-03-31 20:20:25Done
24TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 3/27 3:55P2019-03-27 20:56:182019-03-27 20:57:51Done
23TwinmoldNSS Ragnarok 3/272019-03-27 08:17:042019-03-27 08:18:43Done